Ordering the Compact Disc "Managing Tinnitus with Trance and Relaxation" The aim of this therapeutic CD is to teach you powerful deep relaxation techniques for use in treating the tinnitus. The techniques can be used alone or in conjunction with low level noise generators (as in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) or tinnitus maskers. It should be noted that all the current treatment approaches recommend learning relaxation for successful intervention in tinnitus.
Deep relaxation and trance reduce Beta wave activity in the brain. Other physiological benefits include: increase in Alpha wave activity, change of total Delta wave power (on EEG), drop in heart rate & blood pressure. When we feel more relaxed and in control, we are better equipped to deal with the tinnitus. This perception in turn boosts our coping mechanisms and self esteem.
This clinic has successfully helped many hundreds of clients deal with tinnitus. Be positive, don't let tinnitus reduce your quality of life when recent research indicates 70-80% success rates in managing the negative emotions associated with tinnitus. Once these emotions are under control the annoyance and distress become less and less of a problem and the tinnitus has an opportunity to (slowly) fade back into the unconscious.






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